Interested in submitting to The Daily Academic?

This blog is interested in how academics in different fields, in different stages of their research, and with different work styles spend their days and divide up their time.

Who can submit?

I am currently accepting submissions from Ph.D. candidates, from all disciplines, that are in their dissertation research and/or writing phase.

What kind of submissions are we accepting? 

I know that for academics, there is often no “typical” day. There is often an “ideal day,” and then there is the reality. Many of us balance several different roles in life, and each day can look different from the next. I am interested in whatever routine you feel best represents your work-style, research methods, and personality. You can share what your “ideal” research/writing day consists of, or more of a balanced account of your routine as it looks on most days. The format is flexible. Any way you’d like to capture your daily routine is fine: outline or bullet points, hourly breakdown, prose, photos, drawings/diagrams, or anything else.

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