The Short Version:

This blog is focused on how academics in different fields, in different stages of their career, and with different work styles manage their time. For now, the blog is focused on Ph.D. candidates in their dissertation research and writing years. Those posts are labeled “Daily Academic Posts” in the categories menu. I also sprinkle in some of my own thoughts on productivity, academia, and graduate student life. Those entries from me are labeled “Let’s Discuss.”

The Longer Version:

My name is Tori Montrose. I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Japanese Religions and I am currently conducting dissertation research in Japan. I got the idea for this blog when I started to panic think about how I would structure my time during my research period. How could I structure my time to get the most out of each day and how could I make sure I stayed on track?

I’ve always been interested in the daily routines of other people and love reading about productivity (at times at the expense of my own productivity). I started soliciting the help of my friends and colleagues who are currently conducting research or who have recently completed their research periods. I’ve asked them to share their daily routines with me and am sharing them here in the hopes that they will be useful and interesting to others as well.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, see How to Submit.

If you have questions, contact me here.

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