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This blog is a place for writing and sharing the myriad ways in which academics spend their days. One of the most common question people in Ph.D. programs get asked is “What exactly do you do with your time?” This question is slightly easier to answer while still in the coursework portion of a Ph.D. program, but once one enters the darker waters of qualifying exams, dissertation research, and writing, it is not so readily summed up. Even those of us in Ph.D. programs are often unsure about how other academics spend their time. On the precipice of my own dissertation research year, I decided it would be a fun side-project to find out how the academics I knew structured their days during their dissertation research year(s).

My hope is by including submissions from scholars in a wide variety of fields and with an eclectic mix of working styles, that I can build a useful resource for current and future Ph.D. students on time-management and successful research and writing strategies.

If you are interested in contributing to The Daily Academic, please email me at

thedailyacademicblog [at] gmail [dot] com

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